Chief Legal Officer - CLO Frank Caruso
Chief Legal Officer – CLO
Frank Caruso

Frank is an international lawyer specializing in corporate and business matters. He was admitted to the bar of the State of Maryland in the United States in 1995. He has practiced corporate law for 20 years, with the past 12 in China and Asia-Pacific. He currently advises multi-national corporations on doing business in China and Asia-Pacific and handles government relations, regulatory compliance and other corporate advisory. He also advises on tax strategies as part of establishing corporations in the region and as it relates to cross border acquisition.

In Frank’s almost 20 years as a lawyer, he has worked with companies such as: Microsoft, Intel, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Alcatel, AT&T, Verizon, Whirlpool and many others. He has also done extensive work with U.S. and foreign governments and has negotiated some of the largest technology related contracts. Frank earned his bachelors degree from the University of Maryland and a Juris Doctorate from the Quinnipiac University School of Law. He is also a former officer of the United States Marine Corps where he attained the rank of Captain.