Chief Compliance Officer / Research Analyst (Bioinformatics) – Avinash Seth

Mr. Seth is responsible for all aspects of Data Mining and Analysis, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, and developing Intellectual Property for So Young America. Mr. Seth and his team at So Young America have filed two Provisional Patent Applications on Generating Non-Tumorigenic Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSC’s). He has also developed new nutraceuticals for Liver Detoxification and Cognitive Health. Prior to Joining So Young America, Mr. Seth worked at Gilead Sciences, Inc. San Dimas where he served as the Product Launch Co-coordinator for Gilead’s latest product Launches (Genvoya, Odefsey, Descovy and Harvoni). He has also led a project on Epigenetic Modifications in the Central Nervous System and Molecular Simulation and Modelling of Histone deacetylase. Mr. Seth received his Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology degree and his Masters in Bioinformatics and Bio-technology, and was awarded the Gold Merit Certificate for the Best Graduate Academic Student from California State Polytechnic University.