CEO – Brazos Minshew


Dr. Brazos G. Minshew comes to us with over thirty years of executive experience. Prior to joining So Young America, he has been serving as CEO for Vergence Visionary BioCeuticals, President of BioCell Labs, CEO of Therapy Alternative, CSO of TriVita Inc., CMO of Tienna Health.


Dr. Minshew has also served as Project Manager for Global Healthcare, a non-profit company responsible for disaster relief in seven zones worldwide, as Chairman of an International Medical Advisory Board for GHCO and as a clinician in Functional Medicine for more than twenty years. Dr. Minshew has developed products since 1983 for serval nutraceutical companies, yielding over $1 Billion dollars (U.S.) in sales. Examples of his products include Nopalea, hosted by supermodel Cheryl Tiegs with total sales over $650 million and Zamu Gold with Olivia Newton-John with total sales over $100 Million. He has also written four books with over a million copies sold.


Dr. Minshew had taught at Colleges and Universities around the World, hosted 35 television shows with more than 250,000 airings in 10 Countries, hosted more than 100 radio shows and podcasts, published a Weekly Wellness Report with 320,000 subscribers and given thousands of professional presentations to audiences from a few dozen to over 11,000 in attendance. Dr. Minshew leads several Clinical Research and Curriculum Development projects. In every Organization and endeavor he is typically selected as the Leader of the project because of his ability to help participants visualize the mission, sublimate their own ego and work tirelessly with him to achieve shared goals.